Who we are

We are conscious of the impact that the clothing industry and the waste generated from it has on the environment, which is why ANAR is built on a lean production model, with a short product cycle to avoid over-production and leftover stock. This enables us to bring out collections that are limited and exclusive. It is an approach we hope that we can nurture together. 

Our collections are made with a singular goal in mind: to add beauty and color to the lives of every woman, all the while respecting the planet and its multitude of lives. For us, sustainability is a journey, where every act matters. To be a brand with a heart and a purpose, we only work with fully certified and compliant manufacturers for adopting legal and ethical processes. 

Our Manufacturing

Our manufacturing and sourcing partners are GOTS (Global organic textile standard), OEKO-TEX 100, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified. We have visited the facility multiple times and have found them to provide a clean and safe working environment, and fair wages to their employees. 

While no manufacturing process is without impact on the environment, digital textile printing is certainly more eco-friendly. All our pieces at ANAR are digital printed, which is cleaner and a greener alternative to screen printing. It's a more energy and water efficient process, significantly reducing wastage of pigments and dyes. As an Indian homegrown brand, we look forward to exploring the various craft techniques and fabrics India has to offer.

All our pieces are dyed without the use of any harmful substance. Our manufacturers are OEKO-TEX certified which means that no substances harmful to human health are present in the finished textiles. Substances tested are both regulated and non-regulated going beyond international requirements. Tests are conducted by independent OEKO-TEX Partner institutes.

ANAR has been a dream for a long time and to complement its manifestation to reality, we would be donating a percentage of our profits.

The beginnings may be small but the endeavour to grow organically and sustainably will be an ongoing effort. 


From training to be a lawyer to taking the plunge and following my dream of starting a clothing line - the journey has been a mash up of fear and excitement. The joy I find in fashion is what drove me to build ANAR. It's an extension of my love for luxurious, yet accessible and sustainable fashion. 

Fashion has always been an emotion to me that I hope to share with you all. I am anxious yet excited to share with you all this love that has nurtured ANAR to its fruition. I hope you like it. 

ANAR caters to all spectrums of women-it's an ode to every one of you. I hope my clothes bring out an eclectic mix of joy and beauty to your lives, when you wear them. 

Love always,