The main role of any packaging material- even pretty ones are to provide and help in safe transportation of your products. We don't believe in the use of plastic and hence every effort has been made to provide you with the best eco-friendly packaging for your garments.

Boxes & labels

Our e-commerce boxes are made with recycled materials and sourced from a supplier that is working towards providing the best sustainable options to young and old brands alike.
The box stickers are made from post-consumer waste and are recycled and biodegradable. Where possible, we use a recyclable kraft mailer to ship your products.


Our tags and labels are 100 % recyclable and made of cotton respectively. We avoid the use of excess and unnecessary labels in our garments.

Tissue & stickers

The tissues used to wrap your precious and beautiful garments are made using FSC certified paper and dyed using soy-based inks. We recommend re-using our beautiful tissue for gift wrapping a present for a loved one or simply to store your garments in them. We avoid using excess wrapping and adapting their shape and size to best fit the items they are designed to hold.

FSC is dedicated to promoting responsible forest management with holistic standards around the world, meeting strict environmental and social standards.