Welcome to ANAR 

Thank you so much for visiting ANAR. I sincerely hope ANAR is soon a regular part of your wardrobe. 

Hi, my name is Tuhina, and I am the first human at ANAR. I do everything that keeps ANAR running, which means I handle your orders, queries, customer care, socials, and fabric sourcing. I try my hand at designing ;), sampling, and so much more. Of course, I get by with a lot of help from my wonderful vendors, pattern makers and, most important the hands of the incredible makers that stitch your clothes. 

In case you are curious to know a little bit more about me, here goes: I’m a lawyer by profession but love fashion( obviously, I have to na to run ANAR) ;). I am a little shy and an introvert, probably that’s why you won’t see so much of me in front of the camera, but I will come here from time to time to chat with you, or you can always DM me on Instagram @ anarthebrand or send me a WhatsApp. I am always available for a chat :).  

So why ANAR? 

First, I wouldn’t describe ANAR as truly a ‘sustainable’ brand; in reality, no brand can be completely sustainable, depending on how one defines sustainability. For me, sustainability is about wearability-how many times or for how many years can you wear that beautiful dress or shirt you bought; mainly, the focus is on the fabric used to make that garment. 

Questions like these help me in choosing the perfect fabric for you.

  • Will the fabric stand the test of time?
  • Will it look good even after two years
  • Will the colour fade with wear and tear?
  • Will it go back to the earth it came from?

So keeping that in mind, I like to focus more on being conscious while working on ANAR

ANAR was born out of a love for fabrics, colour and prints.  

Here we don’t focus on trends! We are here for you if you want- 

Classic yet elevated pieces; sustainable fashion, which is fashionable; if you want to add quality pieces to your wardrobe and are willing to spend the same amount of money or a little bit more ( quality, quality, quality )on a home-grown brand instead of Zara."

Then, ANAR is your option!

I always get asked how our pieces are priced and why a cotton dress costs much more than what you traditionally get in the market. 

Well, it’s simple, our fabrics are premium, luxurious, soft and certified organic. We only source fabric from vendors that are certified with GOTS. BCI and OEKO-TEX. These parameters guarantee me that the fabric, the way it’s dyed or printed, is all friendly to the environment and was made ethically. We also produce in small quantities, which unfortunately increases our making costs, but for the moment, that is the only way for us to avoid overproduction and waste. 

I prefer to use only natural fabrics or a blend of natural fabrics. Using organic cotton instead of regular cotton is the need of the hour ( I will share more of “why” soon).

Our organic cotton is one of the softest and most luxurious fabrics compared to the cotton I have come across in the market. You take care of your ANAR pieces; I promise you, you can wear them for years.  

I LOVE linen, which is why it’s my second choice of fabric. This fabric is the king of luxury and is naturally sustainable. Look no further than linen if you seek an elegant and sophisticated fabric. Yes! Yes! You will need to make peace with the wrinkles that come with this glorious fabric. 

For me, it just adds to the beauty of linen. Don’t you think so? 

You truly need to own one of our linen pieces to appreciate the beauty of it. It’s worth every penny, as not only will it keep you cool during summer and look stylish, but linen is the only fabric that ages so well with time and wear; of course, as always, please look after your clothes. :)

Rest assured, any fabric used to make your ANAR piece is sourced in the most conscious way possible. The fabric is the most important thing for me, and I put every effort possible to get you the best so you feel your best when you wear ANAR. 

Thank you to everyone who visited the website, appreciated the pieces at ANAR or chose to spend your hard-earned money. I am genuinely grateful; every purchase makes my day and keeps me working to create more pieces for you. 

Until next time. Happy shopping :)

Love, Tuhina