Behind the label: 100% Viscose velvet Lining: 100% Viscose 

FSC certified: This means that the viscose in this product comes from Responsible sources and from a certified supplier. 

Care instructions:  DRY CLEAN ONLY  

1.Always check your care label.

2.Dry cleaning at your favourite cleaners is the best bet. Do not iron the velvet even in low temperatures, use steamer at a distance to get rid of any creases.

3.Avoid folding your velvet, if you do, make sure to place soft tissue in the middle of the fold, to retain its shape. Hanging your velvet clothing is the best option.

4.If the garment has a stain, gently brush the velvet around the area of the stain with a soft clothes brush or lint-free cloth to remove it.

5.Lastly, don't forget to enjoy wearing your beautiful velvet pieces.

Disclaimer: Our pieces are pre-shrunk, but natural/semi natural fabrics do have a tendency to have a slight shrinkage. Please follow the care instructions to make your product last longer and look good.